Sorrow or not?

This is the middle of week 6 for my “friend” who was diagnosed with Leukemia – the most fast moving type of the disease. The doctors predicted she would live between one and four weeks.
We can all see that her health is deteriorating – and she knows that as well. She has less energy, spends more time resting, her voice is not as strong as it always was – except when she sings. Singing praises to the Lord gives her joy.
I used the word friend in quotes because Donna is more than just a friend. She has been like a big sister, and sometimes mother, to me for nearly 20 years. She has always been willing to help anyone – friend or foe – as long as I’ve known here.
When I was wheelchair bound with two broken ankles, she drove to our house to help me shower. The day after my surgery when I was flat on my back for 72 hours, she and another friend drove out and cleaned house for us EVEN THOUGH she had to work an 8-hour shift at a nursing home that evening.
It is so difficult to even think of life without this amazing woman in it. Even more difficult to watch her waste away. I visit 2 or 3 times each week, short visits so that she doesn’t feel she has to be strong during the time I’m there.
I have made a few meals for the family. Her only daughter and 3 grandchildren are here for the duration, filling the house with youth and helping where they can. It’s hard for all of us, a close-knit church family.
Her husband is our pastor & he is having trouble dealing with the situation. She is such a huge part of his life, he doesn’t want to live without her.
Oh, but what is waiting for her on the other side! To be welcomed to heaven by her Savior, what an awesome thought!!

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